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Data protection declaration

The National Agency Erasmus+ for Education and Training maintains this website in order to provide the public with convenient access to information on initiatives of the National Agency for Education for Europa and policies of the European Union in general. We would like to keep this information as up-to-date and accurate as possible. Should we be informed of any errors, we will endeavour to correct them.
However, the National Agency Erasmus+ for Education and Training accepts no liability or responsibility for the content of these pages.

This content includes:
  • not necessarily complete, detailed, accurate or up-to-date information
  • under certain circumstances, links to external websites over which the National Agency Erasmus+ for Education and Training has no influence and for which it assumes no responsibility, liability or guarantee If you believe that certain linked external sites violate applicable law or have otherwise inappropriate content, we would be pleased to hear from you.
  • no professional or legal advice (you should always consult an expert)
We cannot guarantee that the online version of a document corresponds exactly to the official version. Only the version of European Union acts published in the paper edition of the Official Journal of the European Union shall be authentic. We want to avoid technical disturbances as far as possible. We cannot accept any liability for interruptions or other disruptions caused by incorrectly created files or formats that are not structured without errors. The National Agency Erasmus+ for Education and Training accepts no responsibility for such disruptions when visiting this website and its links to external websites. The cartographic representations of the website do not contain any recognition under international law of borders and territories.

The purpose of this disclaimer clause is neither to limit the liability of the National Agency Erasmus+ for Education and Training in contravention of the relevant national legislation nor to exclude it in cases where exclusion under this legislation is not possible.

Copyright-endorsement © The National Agency Erasmus+ for Education and Training and the European Communities, 2002 - 2005 Reproduction with bibliography (©National Agency Erasmus+ for Education and Training and the European Communities) and the Internet address (http://www.europass.pt) is permitted unless otherwise specified.

Note: The Council of Europe and the European Communities jointly own the copyright for the Europass Language Passport. Reproduction is permitted on the same terms and conditions, citing the source (© European Communities and Council of Europe) and the Internet addresses (http://www.europass.pt). If prior permission is required for the reproduction of certain text and multimedia data (sound, images, programs, etc.), the above-mentioned general permission shall be revoked; any restrictions on use shall be clearly indicated.

Protection of personal data

The National Agency Erasmus+ for Education and Training respects the privacy of its users. Although you can view most of the Internet pages without providing any personal information, in some cases personal information is required to enable us to provide the online services you require.

This is done as follows:
  • For each individual online service, the data controller shall determine the objectives and means of processing personal data and shall ensure that the online service concerned complies with the Data Protection Regulation.
  • In each Community institution, a Data Protection Supervisor supervises the application of the Data Protection Regulation and advises those responsible for processing data in the performance of their duties (see Article 24 of the Regulation).
  • In all Community institutions, the European Data Protection Supervisor acts as an independent supervisory authority (Articles 41 to 45 of the Regulation).
The internet pages often contain links to third party websites. Since these are not controlled by the National Agency Erasmus+ for Education and Training, you should check their data protection rules.

What is an online service?

An online service on Europass.pt is a tool provided on the Internet to improve communication between citizens and businesses and the Community institutions. The following types of online services are already available on europass-info.de and will be made available in the future:

1. information services that provide citizens, the media, businesses, administrations and other stakeholders with easy and effective access to information, thereby increasing transparency and understanding of the EU's objectives and activities. 2. interactive communication services designed to facilitate better contact between citizens, businesses, civil society and other stakeholders, thereby contributing to the development of the EU's objectives, activities and services

Europass Online Services - Declaration on the protection of personal data

We are committed to protecting your privacy when processing personal data.
When you visit our websites, our web server temporarily records the domain name or IP address of the requesting computer as well as the access date, the file request of the client (file name and URL), the HTTP response code and the website from which you are visiting us and the number of bytes transferred during the connection. The website uses cookies.
Personal data such as (your) name, (your) address, telephone number or e-mail address will not be collected unless you provide this information voluntarily. Some special offers and services on our website, such as contact form, require the disclosure of personal data. These data are used exclusively for the completion of the inquiry and/or order. If the shipment is carried out by a service provider, your address will only be forwarded to a third party for the purpose of shipping. Your personal data will not be stored or used for statistical purposes.

Online registration is required for the creation of the Europass Mobility. The personal data requested here will be stored in our internal project management system for the purpose of registration, passport creation and program execution. The data of the Europass applicants (not those of the actual Europass recipients) will be evaluated statistically.

If you have any questions regarding the processing of your personal data, you can contact our data protection officer directly, who will also be at your disposal as a contact person in the event of requests for information, suggestions or complaints. If you would like data to be corrected or deleted, please also contact our data protection officer. The National Agency Erasmus+ for Education and Training undertakes to comply with the above-mentioned points on data protection as outlined.

Who has access to your information?

In certain cases, the data necessary for the creation of the Europass will be verified by staff of the selected issuing offices in order to ensure compliance with the EU guidelines for the issue of the Europass. Only authorised staff responsible for administering and maintaining the Europass programme have access to this data. The employees concerned are obliged to maintain confidentiality and secrecy.

How is your data stored and how can you check, change or delete it?

All data required for the creation of the Europass are stored in the database of our in-house project management system. As a registered applicant, you can log in at any time and change your own details and the details of the European Union created by you. If you are logged in for more than 15 minutes without any input or action, the system will automatically log you out and prompt you to log in again. In order to provide you with the Europass as a PDF document, the document is created on the Europass Server and then transferred to the client computer via the http protocol. The generated documents are automatically deleted from the server in cycles and are regenerated when you next request them. If you would like your data to be completely deleted, please send an e-mail to the following address: europass@erasmusmais.pt

Contact person

As a beneficiary of the Data Protection Ordinance, you have certain rights. If you wish to exercise your rights or have a request or complaint, please contact europass@erasmusmais.pt Your personal data will only be used to the extent necessary for an answer. If the persons responsible for processing the data on the Europa website cannot answer your question, they will forward your message to another department. If you have entered an e-mail address, you will be notified by e-mail of the service to which the question has been forwarded. If you have any questions about the processing of your e-mail and related personal data, please feel free to add them to your message.

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